COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

UniLife Experiences

Covid-19 related Terms & Conditions


The following terms & Conditions do not supersede the Terms & Conditions as shown on the UniLife

Experiences website and booking confirmation documents, but are intended to serve as clarification

for you and groups travelling with UniLife Experiences (we, us) as their supplier around Covid-19,

and the particular instances that may arise in relation to the pandemic.

We strongly encourage all participants to take necessary (if not mandatory) precautions while

travelling, such as:

– The use of face masks and hand sanitizer

– Social distancing (where appropriate)

– Avoiding crowded areas where possible

– Acquiring adequate travel insurance to cover any instances/events not covered by us.

1. Our Position

1.1 We are absolutely committed to participant safety and will not run any trip that we deem to be

‘unsafe’ to travel.

1.2 Although we will be conducting trips with COVID-19 appropriate safety measures, we cannot

guarantee the safety of participants nor do we accept any liability for illness as a result of travelling

with us.

1.3 Like most other travel providers at this time, we refer to the Foreign Commonwealth Office

(FCO) for guidance on international travel and the safety of destinations to which we travel. The list

of ‘Safe’ destinations, which are exempt from the FCO travel restrictions, can be found at:

1.4 Any destination that is not on the exemptions list will be deemed ‘unsafe’ to travel to.

1.5 Unsafe destinations are usually described as places that:

1.5.1 Travellers participants will have to quarantine upon arrival at the destination.

1.5.2 Travellers will have to quarantine upon return to the UK after travel.

1.5.3 The destination is not permitted for ‘all but essential’ travel.

2. Destination Safety and cancellation

2. Once you have agreed to use us, we agree to abide by the following steps in these scenarios:

2.1 Any trip deemed ‘unsafe’ within 14 days of departure will be cancelled.

2.2 Prior to 14 days before departure, in the event that a trip is booked and participants book

deposits and/or final payments to a trip, and the destination is subsequently removed from the

exemptions list or deemed unsafe, the trip will be considered ‘conditional’. This means that the trip

will only take place if it is safe to travel.

2.3 If the trip destination is still unsafe within 14 days of departure, we will cancel the trip and issue

refunds accordingly.

2.4 Please note, if you wish to cancel their place when a trip is ‘conditional’, you will face normal

terms and conditions cancellation charges.

2.5 Any cancellation by you outside of these terms will fall under our cancellation policy in Section 6

of our Terms & Conditions.

2.6 In the event of your trip destination being removed from the exemption list during the trip, we

will continue the trip as normal and return at the scheduled time and date on the itinerary.

2.7 We accept no liability as a result of any consequential loss or expense as a result of any

quarantine period being imposed on return to the UK.

2.8 We take absolutely no responsibility for your actions in relation to self-isolation after a trip. We

encourage you to follow Government guidelines.

3. Flight Trips

3.1 In the event that your flight is cancelled as a result of a lockdown or your trip destination being

removed from the FCO exemptions list, we will:

3.1.1 Refund the cost of your trip minus your flight cost within 14 days of cancellation.

3.1.2 Contact the airline on your behalf and recover any available refunds. Please note that refunds

are subject to each airline’s policy at the time of the request. Some may give vouchers in place of a


3.2 In the event that your flight is not cancelled, we will cancel the trip and refund the cost of the

trip minus the cost of the flight. The cost of the flight will not be refunded as the airline will still be

operating the flight and the flight ticket will still be valid.

4. Coach Trips

4.1 Any coach trip cancelled as a result of COVID-19 restrictions will be refunded in full. Please refer

to section 2 for situation-specific information.

4.2 If you travel with us via coach, you will have to wear a face mask at all points of travel and follow

social distancing rules. We will provide information on coach seating plans and social distancing. It is

mandatory that all participants follow these guidelines. Refusal to follow these guidelines will result

in the immediate cancellation on your booking with us.

5. Your Responsibility

We take the spreading of the Coronavirus very seriously, and have taken steps reduce the chance

of infected persons travelling with us.

5.1 You MUST tell us if you are experiencing any symptoms of the virus, as laid out on the NHS

website, within 14 days of departure.

5.2 We reserve the right to remove you from a trip and cancel your booking with us immediately,

either within 14 days prior to departure or during a trip, if:

5.2.1 We believe you are putting yourself or others at risk of infection by knowingly disregarding

governmental advice on limiting the spread of coronavirus.

5.2.2 You are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 as laid out on the NHS website

5.3 If we suspect you are knowingly disregarding governmental guidelines or knowingly spreading

the virus, we may pass this information onto the relevant authorities.

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